You may find the pictures taken during the contest here:

Apology to Contestants

We sincerely apologize for the issues related to Problem E and Problem F. We will set clear guidelines for the future problem setters to ensure that similar mistake will never happen again. Min-Zheng Shieh Co-Director & Head of Testers 2019 ICPC Asia Taipei-Hsinchu Regional Contest

Final Standings Posted

We have posted the final standings of 2019 ICPC Asia Taipei-Hsinchu Regional Contest to the ICPC headquarter. If there is any error, please contact Min-Zheng Shieh ( The final standings:

Test Data and Sample Codes

The test data and the sample codes can be found here: Several teams shared their AC codes (dumped from the judge system) to help the other contestants to improve their skills.

Problem Set

Problem set link: