On-site Rules

ICPC Asia Regional Official Rules

For rules about team composition and eligibility, please refer to ICPC Asia director Prof. CJ Hwang’s blog.

關於隊伍組成與參賽資格之相關規定,請參考亞洲主席黃金雄教授 blog

2019 Taipei-Hsinchu Regional Rules

The Problem Set

There will be 8 to 13 problems to be solved in 5 hours. The description of each problem is in English. It is guaranteed that all the problems can be solved by any of the C, C++, JAVA and Kotlin languages; however, Python is not included.

本次競賽將有八至十三道賽題,比賽時間為五小時。題目敘述均為英文。所有的題目皆保證可由 C、C++、Java、Kotlin 所撰寫的程式解出,但並不保證所有題目均可以 Python 答對。

Judge System

The contest system will be DOMjudge 7.0.2. Compilations and executions will be done in identical environments (both software and hardware) of the team workstations.
本次競賽使用 DOMjudge 7.0.2 並且所有編譯與執行均在與隊伍開發機相同的軟硬體環境下進行。


Teams must submit their solutions via DOMjudge. Each submission will be given an ID and a timestamp of its submission time. It is guaranteed that a submission with greater ID is submitted later. The judge system will only response to submissions that is submitted within the contest duration (normally 300 minutes).

The response to each run must be one of the following:

  1. Correct: The judge accepts your code
  2. Compiler-Error: Your code cannot be successfully compiled.
  3. TimeLimit: Your program consumes too much time.
  4. Run-Error: Your program terminates with an non-zero return code, which often means your program is terminated by the operating system.
  5. Wrong-Answer: The judge rejects the output of your program.
  6. No-Output: Your program does not generate any output.

隊伍必須透過 DOMjudge 系統提交解答。每次提交均有 ID 以及提交時間的時間戳記。 DOMjudge 保證較晚提交的解答有較大的 ID。裁判系統僅回應競賽時間內的提交(通常為300分鐘)。


  1. Correct: 裁判接受提交的程式碼。
  2. Compiler-Error: 程式碼無法成功編譯。
  3. TimeLimit: 提交的程式太過耗時。
  4. Run-Error: 提交的程式結束時的 return code 不為零,通常是因為程式因權限錯誤遭作業系統終結。
  5. Wrong-Answer: 裁判拒絕接受提交的程式碼,因輸出不正確。
  6. No-Output: 提交的程式沒有輸出。

Scoring and Ranking

Teams are ranked according to the most problems solved. Teams who solve the same number of problems are ranked by least total time. The total time is the sum of the time consumed for each problem solved. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submittal of the accepted run plus 20 penalty minutes for every rejected run (including Compiler-Error, TimeLimit, Run-Error, Wrong-Answer and No-Output) for that problem regardless of submittal time. There is no time consumed for a problem that is not solved. If two teams have the same number of problem solved and penalty, then the winner goes to the team of the less ID of their last accepted submission.

隊伍以解題數量多者排名較前,解題數量相同時,以總消耗時間少者排名較前。答對的題目的消耗時間計算方式為比賽開始至解出題目所消耗的分鐘數。如解出前有答錯,每答錯一次需要另加20 分鐘。總消耗時間為所有答對題目的消耗時間加總。未答對的題目不計消耗時間。如兩隊解題數與耗時相同,則以最後答對題目提交的 ID 小者為勝。

Fair Competition

The regional contest director may disqualify a team for any cheating, attempting to cheat or jeopardizing the contest (including distracting behavior, damaging the hardware, unplugging the wires, cracking the contest system, etc).


Contest Preparation

A team may bring the following items to the contest site.

  1. One printed natural language dictionary (Electronic one is not allowed)
  2. At most 3 identical copies of team notes limited to:
    • Up to 25 pages (paper size: A4 or letter)
    • Printed or written on single side
    • Page number clearly labeled in the top right corner
    • Readable by a person with correctable eyesight without magnification or filters from a distance of 50 cm.
    • Staffs will not offer printing service for your team notes. Please prepare your team notes before the practice session, and bring them to the contest site during practice session.
  3. Stationery including pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, etc.
  4. Non-electronic and non-edible team mascots and lucky items that will not disturb other teams or staffs.

Teams are not allowed to bring the following things.

  1. Any machine readable materials.
  2. Any communication devices (cellphone, smart watch, etc).
  3. Any electronic devices (including digital watches and keyboards).
  4. Extra blank paper or graph paper.
  5. Foods and drinks.

All items should be brought to the contest site during the practice contest, and should be left on the the team table for inspection after the practice. If the item passes the inspection, then it will be put on the team table before the contest session.


  1. 一本紙本自然語言辭典 (不允許電子辭典)
  2. 一本合乎下列規定的隊伍筆記,至多複印三份
    • 至多 25 頁 A4 紙或 letter 紙
    • 單面列印或書寫 (背面必須空白)
    • 頁碼清楚標示於右上角
    • 矯正後視力在距離五十公分時可以在不使用放大鏡與其他濾鏡時閱讀。
    • 請於練習賽前準備好隊伍筆記帶入賽場,賽場不提供列印。
  3. 文具如筆、鉛筆、橡皮擦、直尺。
  4. 無電子功能、不可食用且不干擾其他隊伍與工作人員之吉祥物或是幸運物


  1. 任何機器可讀的資料。
  2. 任何通訊裝置,如行動電話、智慧手錶等等。
  3. 任何電子裝置,含電子錶、鍵盤。
  4. 額外的空白紙、方格紙。
  5. 食物與飲料。


Contest Site Rules

The regional contest director may disqualify teams that fail to comply the procedures.

  1. Contestants must wear the official T-shirts and the badges during photo session, practice session, and all events on the contest day (24 Nov 2019).
  2. Each team may only enter the contest site to compete with exactly three contestants.
  3. Before the contest, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING unless further instructions are given.
  4. When announced “open the envelope containing team password and login to DOMjudge,” Do not configure your development environment or key in anything else, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  5. If you have any trouble, please raise your hands and ask the staffs for help.
  6. You may not open the envelope containing the problem set before it is announced that the contest begins.
  7. The official language is English. Teams should ask for clarifications of problem statements in English.
  8. You may print your code during the contest without exceeding a reasonable amount.
  9. If you need any extra blank papers during the contest, please contact the staffs.


  1. 參賽者必須穿著官方 T-shirt 與戴上名牌參與拍照活動、練習與測試、比賽日(2019年11月24日)的所有活動。
  2. 每隊必須以三名參賽者進入賽場,不可多也不可少。
  3. 在比賽開始前,除非有指示,否則禁止碰觸任何物品
  4. 在指示「打開裝有密碼的信封並登入DOMjudge系統」時,禁止設定開發環境或是輸入其他資料,違者取消參賽資格。
  5. 如有任何問題,請舉手尋求工作人員協助。
  6. 直到主辦單位宣布比賽開始前,不得打開裝有題本的信封。
  7. 官方語言是英文。對題意有疑問時,請以英文發問。
  8. 在賽中可列印程式碼,但不得過量列印。
  9. 如賽中需要空白紙張,請與工作人員聯繫。
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