基本資格規範 Basic Eligibility Rules

請參照 ICPC 官方規範 (連結)。
The eligibility rules are contained in the official regional rules on the ICPC website (link) .

隊伍組成 Team Composition

每隊由一名教練、三名參賽隊員、至多一名候補隊員組成。教練為參賽學校之教職員,並獲學校授權,必須負責證實參賽隊員資格,並負責與主辦方聯繫。參賽隊員與候補隊員需要滿足 ICPC 官方規範,不可擔任教練。
A team must have a coach, three contestants and at most one reserved team member. The coach must be authorized to represent the school. He/she certifies the eligibilities of the contestants and is the official point-of- contact. All contestants and reserved team member must satisfy the ICPC official rules. None of them may serve as a coach.

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